Working In SoCal: Day 3

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Another 12 hour day.

So there wasn\’t much to grab an In-n-Out burger (I may have a problem), had back to the hotel and watch history being made

This isn\’t a political blog. For that, go to Daily Kos or Little Green Footballs.

So, instead, i\’m going to rant on about the greatness of In-n-Out. And I\’m not talking about their food. But this place is what all fast food restaurants should strive to be.

1) Instead of trying to do 100 things halfassedly (see Jack in the Box) In-n-Out does literally a handful of things well — burgers, fries, shakes, sodas, that\’s it.
2) They know how their food is eaten. In the drive thru, they always ask if you\’ll be eating in the car. If you are, you get a box instead of a bag and you get a place mat for your car seat. This is exquisite attention to customer needs.
3) Enthusiastic employees. Like Southwest airlines versus American Airlines, when you have a great product that you\’re proud of and not just a business, that enthusiasm trickles down to the lowest level employees.
4) Cleanliness. This is what I noticed about this place tonight. While in the drive-thru line, you can see the brightly lit, very clean kitchen. Nothing is hidden from the customer. And the truly amazing part of the preperation is that the cook has a stack of disposable gloves in front of her. So that each times she needs to touch food, on come the gloves. When she touches anything else, off come the gloves. Does any other fastfood place do this?? Does any other restaurant do this??

Oh, and it\’s cool Obama won. Can we go back to our lives of watching our 401(k)s evaporate now?

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