Working In SoCal: Day 7 — Van Morrison Live at the Hollywood Bowl

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What else can I say about a night in which I got to see one of the world\’s greatest musical geniuses in one of the world\’s finest musical venues.


But first I must ask, \”How the fuck do people live here?\”. On a Saturday evening on I5 from Anaheim to Hollywood, traffic was crawling almost the entire way at about 20mph. A trip that is just a little further than Dallas to Ft. Worth took 2 hours. No one should live like this.

But on to more civilized activities.

There really isn\’t much I can say about this concert since most of the time I was in awe of where I was and what I was see/hearing. So, I\’ll just say it was great. I may have even mentioned that it was amazing. And this was truly a life experience — causing several items to be checked off my bucket list. The sound was perfect, as was the weather. I only wish I could have gotten there earlier or at a time of year where I could really soak in the surroundings.

For those interested, here\’s the set list from LA Weekly:

1. Wavelength
2. Saint Dominic\’s Preview
3. And the Healing Has Begun
4. All in the Game/You Know What They\’re Writing About
5. Troubadours
6. Angelou
7. Moondance
8. Brown Eyed Girl
9. Gloria


Astral Weeks
10. Astral Weeks
11. Beside You
12. Slim Slow Slider
13. Sweet Thing
14. The Way Young Lovers Do
15. Cyprus Avenue
16. Ballerina
17. Madame George

18. Listen to the Lion

This was from the night before and I don\’t recall him playing Moondance. But I showed up a little late and he may have played it earlier.

But my evening did not end with Listen to the Lion. Rather than fight my way through post concert traffic, and since I was in Hollywood, I decided to head down to Hollywood Blvd and check out the scene. I had just watched Confessions of a Superhero, (a documentary about these people who dress up like superheros and hang out on Hollywood Blvd. so tourists can take pictures of them for tips) so I wanted to gawk at the freaks.

So I walked down Highland toward Hollywood and was delighted to see the El Capitan theater where my leader\’s lover, Jimmy Kimmel, tapes his talk show. This is near Grauman\’s Chinese Theater and, indeed, I did some some a superhero and a couple of Jack Sparrows.

As I started walking down the boulevard, I started to notice a increase in police presence At first I figured some super celebrity function must be letting out. But this was not the case. More cops arrived and then it became obvious what was happening.

I looked across the street and there was a throng of sign carrying, rainbow flag waving protestors. All of a sudden I was in the middle of a pro gay marriage rally.

More and more cops showed up in full riot gear forbidding anyone from crossing either Hollywood or Highland. Although I first question the police wearing the riot gear, I did have to admit, as would anyone who has ever been slapped with a feather boa, it smarts.

After wandering about for a hour or so, passing by Musso and Frank\’s by the way, I decided to leave. Unlike most of the people \”enjoying\” the protest, I was without a camera. So I have nothing but my memories to chronicle the experience.

So, despite the traffic and missing the first song or two of the concert, Saturday night was a huge success. I recommend it entirely if anyone ever has a similar oppurtunity.

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