2009: Week 0

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2009 started off just about as poorly as a year can start off — in bed, asleep with a cold. Although it was refreshing to wake up on Jan 1 a) not hungover and b) not with a wet pair of pants around my ankles. Ah sweet shot luge, you are a harsh mistress.

But as poorly as the week started, it ended on a considerable high of fine dining with visits to two of my all-time favorite restaurants Piranha (the new one in South Arlington to be properly reviewed soon) and Morton\’s (not to be reviewed soon, cause you don\’t need to review awesome).

Key Stats

  • 2 – Garbage bags filled with old clothes to be taken to Goodwill
  • 3 – Times I finished in the money in a single table Sit-And-Go poker tournament.
  • 69 – Miles biked thanks to the unseasonably warm weather
  • Dozens and Dozens – Times I wondered why the hell we didn\’t have any Winter League games scheduled this weekend especially since it was so unseasonably warm.

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