Wally\’s Belgian Trippel

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Having made several batches of my signature beer — Wally\’s Pale Ale — it is now time to branch out to other styles of beer. Since many of the tastiest beers are of the Belgian ale varieties and Trippels being the apex of such expression, that\’s what I chose as my next batch.

For my first time, I\’m cheating a little bit by using a kit from Williams Brewing. The contents can be seen above. A large bag of liquid malt extract, two medium sized bags of candy sugar, two small bags of hops (bittering and flavoring) and a bloated bag of yeast. Let\’s brew!

Hops, bittering on the left, flavoring on the right.

It\’s been cold at the Wallagio, so I soaked the bag of malt in some hot water to loosen it.

The malt is fully dissolved. Time to hop.

Just about done.

Strained hops — which is also the name of my Slobberbone cover band.

Mission accomplished.

It should be drinkable in 6 weeks. But for the full effect, it might not be ready until late spring.

For the beer nerds out there, I would have noted the starting specific gravity, but I forgot to measure it. Shit, it\’s just beer. It\’ll be done when it\’s done and the fucker stops bubbling.


  1. Cleanest I\’ve ever seen that kitchen. Or parts thereof at any rate. You wearing ascots or sweatervests now?

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