Beware the Canadian Honey Crisps

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Ordinarily I\’m a huge fan of all things Canadia — Ice Hockey, SCTV, Cobie Smulders. I even worked at a Canadian combany for 10 years. But recently I\’ve found something from Canada that I\’m forced to give a resounding thumbs down. And that is their Honey Crisp apples.

Sadly, the Honey Crisps coming out of Washington are long gone. To replace them, Central Market has started selling the lower quality Canadian imports. Unfortunately, while still a good apple, they are not the quintessential experience of the Washington variety.

You\’ve been warned.


  1. Sigh. How about Whole Foods? Perhaps we should go visit Michelle to get proper honey crisps.oohh…or is it pacific rose time yet?

  2. obviously, beer and ski-ball always outrank apples. But, I do believe all three can be enjoyed simultaneously.

  3. You are correct in that assessment! In fact, I bet we could find a apple-esque brew and drink it while playing ski-ball!!

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