2009: Week 2

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This was the week the Jester left his 20s behind him. Unfortunately I have nothing more profound to say than it simultaneously gets better and worse from here.

This was also the week I discovered Fage Greek yogurt. But there will be more on that later.

And this was the week that I got a new computer system at work and convinced my bosses to buy some programming tools that I told them we needed when I first started but went with a different set of tools. So I guess I have to stick around a bit longer.

Key Stats

  • 4 — the number of cores in my new computer at work.
  • 24 — the number of inches diagonally of my two new monitors at work.
  • 6 — the number of games of Headsup Poker I won at Stan\’s on the Jester\’s Birthday.
  • 5 — star I gave the mid-season premiere of Battlestar Galactica (out of 5).

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