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Please don’t tell beer or bacon, but I have a new love in my life and it’s called Greek yogurt.

Back when I was working in the OC I would frequently stop by the Tustin Whole Foods for beer and other essentials. Figuring that I wouldn’t have much time to “enjoy” the breakfast provided by Embassy Suites, I picked up a few quick breakfast items at the Whole Foods. I noticed the Greek yogurt and had recently read an article on-line about it. So I grabbed a couple.

Now my opinion of yogurt at this point in my life was that it was ok. It could provide a nice twang to other foods, but it wasn’t something that I particularly enjoyed by itself unless it was loaded with sugar and other flavorings. So I was exactly excited about trying this yogurt – just curious.

Consequently I opened my first pomegranate Greek Gods yogurt with a little apprehension. But as soon as I plunged my spoon into the yogurt, I knew something special was going on. It was more like thick custard than runny yogurt. And the creaminess – oh the creaminess…

Coming home, my quest has been to find the best Greek yogurt available in Dallas. The current candidate for best all around Greek yogurt is Fage (Fa-yeh) 2%. The greatness of Fage is that it comes in three fat varieties – 5% (too much like cream cheese), 0% (too chalky and sour, but still creamy), 2% (the perfect balance of creaminess and tartness and fat calories).

For my low fat high / protein dessert treat I mix in a mere teaspoon of sugar and a generous drop of vanilla bean paste. mmmmmm mmmmmmm gooooood.

Oh, yeah, this stuff isn’t cheap. It’s about $6 for a little more than 2 cups. But hey, I’m literally a thousandaire, and goddammit I’m worth it.

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  1. Mmmmm… yoghurt porn…I\’m glad you found that perfect mix of creaminess and tartness you\’ve been searching for.

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