Eating Lower Greenville: Quesa-D-Ya\’s

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I’m always excited when a new place to eat or drink (or both) opens up in my ‘hood. The anticipation was painful as I watched this place being finished out. It finally opened in the heard of my last Detox. Clearly the Gods hate me.

Combining the concepts of pizza delivery with Chipotle you have the idea of Quesa-D-Ya’s – with quesadillas instead of burritos, obviously. Just, please, ignore the dumb name.
My first, and so far only experience, was on a cold, lethargic night where I didn’t want to go out and I didn’t want to cook. So I ordered up a couple of ‘dillas and an order of quac.

Having recently (that day I think) read a review in The Dallas Observer in which the Havana D-Ya was ordered, (and, well a craving for a Cuban sandwich at Jimmy’s) I opted for a medium Havana and a medium Smokey Mountain D-Ya.

The Cuban was good with the right ratios of pork to mustard to pickle. It’s only failing is that it had no heat to it what so ever. The Smokey Mountain was the better of the two with a nice sweetness from the bbq sauce and grilled onions. Both were “filled out” with rice, which I find a strange item on a quesadilla.

The real star of the meal was the guacamole. This stuff is the shit – some of the freshest, tastiest guac in the history of guac. I’m not quite ready to put it above the guac at Chipotle or The Original, but it is a contender.

Also, each D-Ya comes with chips and a tastey smokey salsa reminiscent of the salsa at Uncle Julio’s.

This is a great alternative to the Pizza duldrums.


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