2009: Week 6

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These weeks come and go pretty fast. I\’m starting to reconsider if this Wally\’s Week in Review was a good idea.

There were some definite highlights this week. Can anyone say sitting behind Mark Cuban at a Maverick\’s game?

Oh too bad!

And I have to give BC and Barb some serious love for hosting a great Winter League After Party.

Key Stats:

  • 3 – number of naps taken on Sunday
  • 2 – hot dogs eaten at Winter League. Kind of dispointing, really. I should do better
  • 3 – number of different beers I had on my first visit to Zymology. Review to come after a few more visits.
  • 3 – as in \”3 seconds\” which is what Mark Cuban shouted to the refs every time a Clipper sniffed the paint.

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