Eating White Rock: Barbec\’s

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Probably one of the most popular breakfast places in the White Rock Lake area, Barbec’s does not disappoint. Walking in to the main dining area, you are instantly greeted with the sites sounds and aromas of a classic diner.

And then it only gets better.

After being seated on the front patio, we were quickly welcomed by the quintessential grizzled diner waitress whose voice and skin have been ravaged by thousands of cartons of Marlboro Reds. Not wanting to break the illusion, we did not ask her name and merely referred to her as Flo.

As usual, I ordered Freedom Toast, which comes with eggs (I got them scrambled), bacon AND sausage. This is a nice touch. As many of you may have noticed, I have a thing for bacon. When it is available, I must have it. But I also love breakfast sausage. So it is literally a Sophie’s Choice of the highest and most painful order that I must choose at most diners. I mean, I don’t want to look like a Fatty McPhatfat by ordering a side of sausage. Luckily, Barbec’s frees me from this embarrassment and lets me have both by default.

And both were near perfect. The bacon was exquisitely thick and crispy and chock full of smoky bacony goodness. The sausage was in patty form and a sagey delight. Or is it sagy? I dunno. It was mmm mmm good. How’s that?

The eggs were good. There’s really not much you can do with eggs. They were fluffy and pretty much what they’re supposed to be. But the French Toast was a little disappointing. It was just ok. Not much was done to add flavor to it – no vanilla, no cinnamon. And really? Country Crock “butter”. Could I please get some real butter for my toast and not a yellow petroleum by-product?

Their signature item are their Beer Biscuits. This is gonna be tough for me because I love beer and I love biscuits. But, I’m sad to report, these were just OK – a bit too sweet for me. I would put my biscuits up against these any day.

The food is good diner breakfast food. It makes no strides to do otherwise. But I have a love of diners. It’s in my family’s blood. So I give Barbec’s a:


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