Blu-Ray Review: Stepbrothers

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One of the more charming features of The Ticket is its ability to “discover” something, usually a year after that something was released. The most recent discovery is Will Ferrell’s Stepbrothers.

This is the story of two still-living-at-home 40ish guys brought together when their parents marry. Hilarity ensues as these two teenagers trapped in 40 year old bodies are forced together, first hating each other, then becoming best friends.

And I have to admit this is well above average for recent Will Ferrell fair and may be only second to Stranger Than Fiction in all-time best Will Ferrell movies. There may be funnier moments in Anchorman or Old School. But this is a much more solid movie throughout.

Finally, as chronicled earlier in this blog, I chose poorly in the HD-DVD / Blu-Ray war. With the death of my Tivo, that recently had only been used for its built in DVD player, I had to purchase a new DVD player. With great reluctance, I purchased a Blu-Ray player and Stepbrothers was the first Blu-Ray movie I watched on my new player. I’m not positive that I needed the crystal clear picture of Blu-Ray to fully experience Will Ferrell teabagging John C. Reily’s drum kit.
I may have chosen poorly yet again.

  • 0 breasts
  • 0 beasts
  • 1 sack
  • Garage-fu
  • Playground-fu
  • Academy Award nomination for Richard Jenkins for The Visitor.
  • Academy Award nomination for Mary Steenburgen for having a rockin body at 60ish.

King Wally says check it out.


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