Contact Your State Representatives, Seriously!!

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There is legislation winding its way through our state capitol that would allow our state\’s nascent microbreweries to sell their wares at their breweries and thus put them on par with other states and our own state\’s wine industry.

The dudes at Rahr put it better:

As many of you know Texas breweries are prohibited by law, from selling beer directly to the public at their breweries – no 6 packs to take home on Saturday or kegs to purchase directly from the brewery for that special party at home.

While this is no great imposition to the public, it has had a significant impact on the number of, and financial health of, Texas brewers. There are only 8 commercial package breweries in Texas (this does not include brew pubs). In other states – CO, WA, OR, CA. NY etc – there are many times the number of craft brewers than in Texas. In California for example there are over 150 breweries. Many of these beers are well known here in Texas.

Read about it here.

Find your representative here. Thanks Trent.

So, if you like good beer, pleas contact your state representatives.


  1. Man, and I always thought \”at least I know of one blog that won\’t turn political.\”

  2. This is much more about beer than it is about politics. Should we not do whatever we can to increase the likelyhood of great beer brewed right here in the great state of Texas. If not, then go back to Yankeetown, Yankee.

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