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His Majesty Wally The First by the Grace of God of Wallgio, Archduke of Debauchery, Sovereign of the Royal Order of Insobriety, Viceroy of Vickery Park, the Count of Concho, the Baron of Lakewood and surrounding territories, and the Mayor of Skillman Avenue is pleased to announce the ascension of his loyal Jester to the title of Marquis and will henceforth be known as The Marquis de Burr.

Through his continuing efforts to amuse his King, and his recent demonstrations of maturation – keeping a job, dating a girl more than twice, buying a car – it has been decreed that the Jester should be rewarded for these fine efforts, without any increase in monetary compensations or in kind.

Regrettably, in these hard economic times, the Royal Court will not be immediately filling the position of Jester. Therefore, the Marquis de Burr (designate) will continue to fulfill and perform the duties of Jester.

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