So Where Do We Go From Here?

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As mentioned in a comment about the vulture, I am considering shutting this blog down. It has served it\’s purpose and much of the content here can be moved over to Facebook. But this has been met with protestations from those that I\’ve mentioned this to.

But I am reconsidering.

But much of my angst about continuing is that this blog is only read by JT and Glenn since they are the only ones that regularly comment. Comments are the only way I have to know that this is being read and enjoyed.

So, over the next month I will continue on with the blog as before. With Winter League over I should have more time on the weekends to blog.

But I need feedback.

Please take the time to post a comment here or there. It doesn\’t have to be every post or even every day. I just need to gauge who all is reading and if it\’s worth continuing

Thank you all for you readerage.


  1. I read! I read!Not everyday – prolly more like once a week and then I get all caught up on the posts. I don\’t comment cuz I feel like I\’m too late. But I do indeed read!

  2. Please do not take away my simple morning distraction. It may be the only thing keeping me from going postal.

  3. I read. But only when Paris Hilton doesn\’t have any new content on her blog. So that is actually pretty often.

  4. I read. And comment occasionally. And will continue to do so.And as added incentive/evidence of divine will, the \”word verification\” right this very moment in \”bacornve\”. That\’s most of bacon right there. And you cant argue with the will of the almighty and/or random.

  5. And besides… I can\’t get to FB from work. If you move your content over there, you\’ll be losing a reader, because it\’ll get buried under the \”I\’m wondering what the weather will be tomorrow\” and \”I think my child is precious\” status updates from all the other yay-hoos out there.

  6. \”Anonymous\” was me. Stupid semi-functional mouse.And this time the word verification si \”deicha\”. I\’m not sure if that means anything or not.

  7. Actually, if you do move to Facebook, that\’s cool, too. Far be it from me to criticize someone for not posting to their blog. To their face, I mean.But I\’m still blaming word verification is \”useetat\”. But I don\’t see Puddy Tat!

  8. I read. I like the new format more than the one from last week. My computer at work kept freezing up ever since the changeover. No idea if those things are related. I agree with Chad about skipping the facebook updates in favor of the SOS blog. Too many poopie diaper status updates for my taste.

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