2009: Week 8

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Sorry for this being double late. But with the questions of the future of the blog, I neglected to write it up.

Busy. Busy week.

Monday – Stars Game.

Tuesday – Mardi Gras at Duke’s. This may have been a mistake on many levels. But let me say one thing about the beating that is Mardi Gras at Duke’s. As far as I can remember, I don’t remember the Cajuns playing a lot of hip-hop and craphole pop music. If I can switch on Old Man Mode, why do we have to listen to the same godsdamn crap people are running away from in droves on the radio? Are we just going to let the Idiocracy overrun us and accept the putdridness of modern pop music? What? We couldn’t throw in some Zydeco or New Orleans Jazz every now and then? And another thing. Mardi Gras officially ends at straight up Midnight – when Lent begins. All you people still drinking and carousing after midnight are all going straight to hell.

Wednesday – WedNiteUlt followed by the regular trip to the Barley House with Special Guest Stars Trent’s Krewe of Drinks. (Quasi Mardi Gras call back). Happy birthday Turbo.

Thursday – Drinks and quesadillas at the HoHo Cantina

Friday – could have gone to the Barcadia, but needed a night off.

Saturday – a very cold Winter League and the accompanying funanigans.

Sunday – Recovery

Vital Stats

  • 0 – games won this week. Very disappointing since we had finally crawled back to .500 – very Stars-like.
  • 1 – upwind points given up in our second game. Unfortunately we gave it up during hard cap.
  • 2 Million – number of downloads of the Adam Carolla Podcast making it the #1 podcast on iTunes. So suck it This American Life.
  • 8.5 – Pounds Zoë weighed at the Vet.


  1. Hail Hail the blog lives and I get to continue to live vicariously through others.I could also propose that all comments must also include their word verification.Mine: OrripesI think it means something like overly rippened fruit.

  2. Now that I have your RSS feed bookmarked again, I will definitely read more of your writing here than on facebook.menes

  3. This comment intentionally left blankcrato(which didn\’t fing work)achuck

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