Stuff You Should Know: St. Patrick\’s Day Edition

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Master brewer Fergal Murray of St. James\’s Gate brewery in Dublin describes the process of pouring the \”perfect\” Guinness pint. The pour should take 119.5 seconds.
1. The Glass Firmly grasp a clean, dry pint glass.
2. The 45-degree Angle Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle. Grab hold of the tap.
3. The Pour Pull the tap handle toward you in a smooth flow until fully open. Let the beer flow into the glass. You\’ll hear a constant hiss from the tap. When three-quarters full, straighten up the glass and slowly and smoothly stop the tap.
4. The Surge and Settle Set the glass down and allow the beer to settle.
Behold the cascading surge of bubbles as the nitrogen, lying dormant in the beer, come out of solution and forms a creamy head.
5. The Top Up Once the liquid has settled, take the glass and, holding it straight, push the tap away from you slightly. Take the creamy head to the brim and build a crown just over the top.
6. The Presentation & Savor (or, How to Drink a Perfect Pint of Guinness) Look to the horizon. Elbow up. Savor every sip.

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