2009: Week 11

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This week can be summed up in two words:


Not to worry, I\’m not ending the blog. If anything, the blog will probably be seeing a lot more action.

But two of \”my stories\” had there series finales (THE END, if you will) this week — Battlestar Galactica and The Flight of the Concords. Also, I was told that my stint with Beal Bank will be ending.

But when a door closes, others open. And if doors don\’t open for me. Well, at least beers will open.

I would also like to welcome the Facebookers that can now read my poorly worded missives since I\’ve synched (sunched?) my blog up with Facebook. You can read all my ramblings here.

3) Discovering the soul-crushing dankness of Ships Lounge.
2) My first 30 mile ride up the White Rock Creek path of the Spring.
1) Drinking scotch and smoking cigars at BC & Barb\’s.

Vital Stats:

  • 2 — weeks I have left with Beal
  • 20 — beers tasted at Sigel\’s free beer tasting
  • 11 — \”gilf hunter\” searchers that found my blog. Down from 14 last week. I guess even gilf hunting has been effected by the economy.

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