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There must be something about unemployment or the prospect of unemployment that causes me to try to accidentally kill myself. I did it once before, and yesterday I tried to do it again.

It was a very windy day yesterday. Ordinarily that would be enough to keep me from biking. But, because I didn\’t bike the day before as I had planned, and it was supposed to rain all day today, I felt I had to fight through the wind and bike.
At the top of the White Rock Creek trail, where the trail winds around Anderson Bonner Park, the parks department are re-doing the path. So they have moved the path to the street and separated the path traffic from auto traffic with those same pylons they\’re using to separate the HOV lane on 75. Where auto traffic needs to turn into Anderson-Bonner parking there is a gap in the pylons and a pylon put in the center of the path to prevent cars from traveling into the bike path.

And that\’s where it all went bad.

As I mentioned, it was very windy. With a strong tail wind, I was going much faster than normal. Then, with a sudden gust of wind, I was thrown into that very center pylon that was supposed to protect me.

The next second slowed down remarkably. My first thought was that I could steer out of it. I hit rocks and other objects in the road all the time and am always able to work my way out of danger. But then I realize I\’m going too fast and my correction is making it worse. I brace myself for impact and try to position myself so I land on my ample soft ass.

I hit the ground and immediately pop up only to collapse in the nearby grassy area. I had the wind knocked out of me and was starting to panic. A couple of soccer players came to help and began picking up my belongings that were now scattered about the path. Once my breathing normalized I thanked them.

Here\’s where I may have made a mistake. Since I\’m a super macho guy, I decided to ride home rather than call for help from The Jester or someone else close that could accommodate a bike in their automobile.

So facing a strong southerly wind and pain up and down my left side, I headed home. It took nearly two hours. I\’m not that bright.

But I am alive. And feeling slightly better. But I have some nice strawberries up and down my left side. Buy me a beer and I\’ll show them to you.

Or not.


  1. Why is it that other people pain is my pleasure? I almost took a bad dive at White Rock last week when my handle bar loosened at made me unable to control the bike. God bless hard core bike girl who was wise enough to have a tool.

  2. Dang. All I got to help were a couple of soccer players and an older, fatter biker. I need to do a better job of picking where I wipe out.

  3. This is, without a doubt, the most serendipitous word verification, ever. \”scars\”. I shit thee not.if you have bloggers block, skip a day. no need to risk your health trying to get material for a post.Your beer is waiting here in the \’dorf.

  4. eeep! I\’m glad you\’re okay! (Also glad I didn\’t bike yesterday.)

  5. Do I qualify in the \”someone else nearby\” bucket? Damn you for being macho. Natasha Richardson would be ashamed (oh sorry too soon for that?)

  6. Just wait… technicolor bruising may be in your future. After my december roller blading incident (what was I thinking? It\’s not 1993) I was told I looked like a burn victim. Good times.Glad you\’re ok…

  7. Eh, I wouldn\’t of picked you up anyway.Of course, I\’m in Florida right now. That may have something to do with it.

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