2009:Week 13

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The good news is today, Monday, was the last Monday in a while that I have to get up early and drag my sorry ass to a place of employment. The bad news is also the same thing.

Life is such a dichotomy.

Week Highlights:

3) Having two soccer players check on me after my bad fall.
2) Making preliminary plans for Walkabout 2009 — Euro Edition.
1) Doing nothing on Saturday but catch up on some Netflix movies. (Reviews coming soon. Spoiler Alert — they were both As)

Key Stats:

  • 5 — days left at Beal
  • 10 — dollars saved with a coupon at Central Market. It was a slow week and, hey, cash flow is about to fall to 0 soon.
  • 0 — minutes of NCAA Basketball I watched this week. Seriously, how can you people stand it? I would watch Special Olympics Curling before college basketball.
  • 8 — number of Advil I took at a time at the peak of my back pain.

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  1. You could preach about intelligent design or the existence of the flying spaghetti monster but nay saying the NCAA tournament you have gone too far. I say good day sir.

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