Blu-Ray Review: Nick and Norah\’s Infinite Playlist

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You guys were pretty good except you were two penises shy of Shania Twain re-imagination band.
–Nick O’Leary

As someone who has no heart and believes the concept of love is a mythological creature like the Yeti or the female orgasm, it may be difficult to review a movie whose central motifs consist of heartbreak and the notion of a soul mate. But because I’m such a fan of the two stars – Michael Cera will always have a place on my Greatness Mantle for his role as George Michael Bluth and Kat Dennings had me rewinding my DVD until I wore it out to grasp the magnificence of her sweater hams in 40 Year Old Virgin – I’ll give it a try.

So here goes.

Of course I liked it. Nick and Norah\’s Infinite Playlist is a very sweet love/all-night adventure story with two very likeable, funny characters. In fact, my only complaint about the movie is that when Nick & Norah are not together, the movie bogs down. Cera and Dennings have great chemistry together.

There are not a lot of big belly laughs. But there are a lot of good lines. Think Juno only not stuck up in its own ass as much and more likeable characters.

  • 0 breasts
  • 2 beasts
  • Vomit-fu
  • Indie-Rock-fu

Academy Award nomination for Michael Cera for being brilliant in everything he does.

Academey Award nomination for Ari Graynor for the best drunk girl I’ve seen since Martinipalooza.


King Wally says check it out.


  1. I second your review. Although it has all the makings of another typical high school love quest riddled with pot holes and awkward moments they included a few more enlighted layers with the nonpop music, solid comic relief with Michael, and obviously oblivious parents letting their kids kick it all night in NYC.

  2. Aaack… I could not disgree more!! I pretty much wanted to kill every character in this movie. Nick was such a pansy. Nora was just kinda… off (who takes underwear from random guys in a van??). Also, this cannot be said enough: Where are these kids\’ parents????

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