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I realize that most of my Worst Persons are people I see while commuting to or from work. I can’t help it. Most drivers are horrible, horrible people. And since I shan’t (pompous enough??) be commuting much in the near future, I thought I would bless my dear readers with on final Beal commute related Worst Person.

So I’m queued up in the center lane at a four-way stop at Fitzugh and Turtle Creek. In front of me is a Cadillac with a Rascal Rack (sans Rascal) on the back. To the left of the Caddie is a Tahoe. The Tahoe recognizes that there is a parked landscaping trailer in his lane on the other side of Turtle Creek. So when it’s time for our side to go, he speeds up to move in front of the Caddie. Well, the half-a-fuck in the Caddie will have non of that. No one is going to beat him to the red light 150 yards away at Oak Lawn. So the Caddie speeds up. This makes the Tahoe speed up narrowly missing the landscape trailer.

Ok. I understand that it’s NASCAR week in our fair burgh. But does that require even the feeblest of us to trade paint in Highland Park adjacent? Are our streets filled with such assholes that we can’t courteously let someone go in front of us?

The ass-hat in the Cadillac with the Rascal Rack – Today’s Wooooorrrrsssst Peeeerrrssoooooooooooon in the Woooooooooooorrrrrrrld.

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  1. This is total bullshit. I deserve Woooooorrst Person of the World and will be publicly sodomizing a puppy (thanks for the idea, \”America: The Book\”) each day until I am named it.Put that with your bull semen-flavored chips & smoke it.Also, I believe I have regained the title of most offensive comment.fleth: the act of using a sock or underwear to \”floss\” gunk from between one's toes. See: Burr, Glenn.

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