2009: Week 14 & 15

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I don\’t claim to understand the irony of having nothing but free time but also having nothing to blog about. For the last 10 plus days I have been unemployed and been unable to find blogworthy activities in which to fill the void of a neglected website. And it\’s not like I\’ve just been a lay-about. I\’ve had lunch at Jimmy\’s twice! I can only guess this is the calm before the blog storm. Once I make it to Europe at the end of May, you, gentle reader, will be unable to keep up.

Top 3:

3) Lunch at Jimmy\’s
2) Lunch at Jimmy\’s
1) Dinner at Piranha

Vital Stats:

  • 2 – Lunches at Jimmy\’s
  • 1 – number of blog entries since my unemployment.
  • 0 – number of interesting blog entries since my unemployment.
  • 7 – number of people finding my site using the search word \”FUPA\”. Take that GILF hunters.


  1. Just looked up FUPA via google at work…am I going to be fired now?

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