Eating Dallas: Taco Joint (Lunch)

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I wanted to love this place. I\’ve been looking forward to trying it for weeks. But I\’m kinda sad to report that this place is just good.

I\’m separating these reviews out by lunch and breakfast. It had been my hope that I could wake up and get my shit together early enough to make it for breakfast. But obviously this was not the case.

So not wanting to wait any more, I went ahead and journeyed down there for lunch. I ordered a bean and cheese taco, a beef fajita taco and chips and guacamole.

The guac was great although a bit overly onioned. But I like onions, so no complaints from me.

Sidebar please.

Back in the 90s when Taco Cabana was great I would order these very same tacos. Back then their bean and cheese tacos were intoxicating with their strong smoky flavor. Today the beans taste thin and insipid to me. And the meat in there beef fajitas has a processed texture. I mention this only because, I guess, I\’m comparing Taco Joint to the glory days of Taco Cabana – back when TC had competition from Dos Pesos.

Back to Taco Joint.

The meat in the beef fajita taco was real and nicely seasoned. The bean and cheese taco had some nice beans, but was spoiled by a way too cuminy (I just invented a word) enchilada sauce. I\’m not sure why it\’s there.

I came in towards the end of the lunch rush. So maybe this had something to do with it. But I was very disappointed in thier tortillas. They seemed pre-packaged. At least Taco Cabana still has delicious fresh flour tortillas.

Overall, I would go back to try other items. And I\’m still looking forward to someday waking up early and getting there for breakfast. But Jimmy\’s lies between my house and Taco Joint and I\’m not sure I could pass Jimmy\’s too often to get to Taco Joint. Plus the tacos at Fuel City are much better.



  1. Poor tacos serve you right for taunting your Eurotrash readers with stories of even mediocre* mexican food.jt* German for \”This Old El Paso salso is soooo spicy and awesome, ja?\”

  2. You are a bitch if you do not get the breakfast tacos. THe beef fajita and migas tacos are awesome. Better Breakfast tacos than Fuel City.

  3. I will get the breakfast tacos as soon as I can get up early enough to try them.Oh. And I failed to mention the greatness of their jalapeno ranch sauce. That shit would make a dog turd tasty.

  4. Bastards. You\’re both bastards with your fancy-pants tacos.pitiesse — French for pity. \”Monsieur T pitiesse le Fool!\”

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