2009: Week 16

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I\’m not bored. I swear.

I\’m just not doing much that\’s blogworthy. There\’s just not much to write about brushing up on German, learning ASP.NET or riding my bike around the lake.

So there\’s not much of a wrap up when there\’s little to wrap.


Top 3
3) Leaving Milo\’s — sorry Marquis (designate) I just don\’t see the allure.
2) Chicken Fried Steak at Cowboy Chow
1) Hanging at the Pour House (Two weeks in a row, Trent)

Key Stats

  • 2.6 — miles short of 100 miles biked this week.
  • 0 — weeks of Grapevine League I\’ve attended (stupid ribs)
  • 0 — weeks of Grapevine League I\’m likely to attend (How the fuck did I get on Lisa\’s team?)
  • 2 — Sundays in a row at The Saucer. Weird.


  1. I am mad at you again. I tried to go to Cowboy Chow with Mandy last night and they are closed for dinner. Who did you go with? I am jealous.

  2. Holy crap, that\’s a lot of biking. I feel good if I make it around the lake.

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