Eating Dallas: Taco Joint (Breakfast)

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Tasty Tuesday

Now that\’s more like it!

I finally made it up before noon and was able to dive into the deliciousness of Taco Joint\’s breakfast tacos.

In a word — mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm bueno.

Because I\’m a dedicated blogger, I went ordered three tacos — egg & fajita, egg & chorizo and a migas taco. All three were very good with the fajita being the standout for me. The chorizo was not quite the flavor fiesta of the dearly departed Cuquita\’s. But it was still nice.

Again I have to complain about the tortillas. Hopefully, after a little bit of success they will buy a tortilla maker and start making their own.

Oh, and is it odd for them to have a tip jar when almost everyone who works there is an owner?? Just asking.


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