The Santa Fe Trail

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I finally expanded outside my usual bike route and explored the still unfinished Santa Fe Trail. It\’s the straight part of my path that parallels Columbia.

Unfortunately, for now, it only goes from Glasgow, near Woodrow Wilson HS, to Carol. There\’s a bridge that crosses Peak and Haskell, but it was closed today. Once open, the trail will go all the way to Deep Ellum. I\’m excited about riding down there, grabbing a Twisted Root Burger and heading home.

On a statistical note, during this trip, I rode my 500th mile of 2009. I\’m hoping that if the weather cooperates and I push myself a little I can get to 1000 miles before my trip to Europe on the 20th.

Sorry there\’s nothing funny here. Just wanted to share.


  1. Looks interesting! What do you think about the safety of the non-lake part of the route? (i mean the \”small white girl by herself\” sort of safety). I\’d like to have more variety in my biking paths, but I\’m always wary of going into neighborhoods I don\’t know very well.

  2. I\’m not gonna lie to you. The Santa Fe trail goes through some dicey neighborhoods. Much of the trail has been tagged. If you want to check it out, I would be happy to go along. No gang-banger is gonna mess with a middle-aged bald white guy.

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