Movie Monday: Star Trek

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As many of you may have surmised by now, I\’m a bit of what they call a nerd. I might not have turned out that way had I not discovered Star Trek in the Fourth Grade. Much of the ensuing years were spent watching each episode over and over and reading any book that came out about Star Trek — not the fictional books, but the ones about the show. I was giddy like a school girl when each movie came out.

So I came to this Star Trek with excitement. Star Trek + JJ Abrams to me sounded like a no -miss deal. The reviews were all stellar (ha, get it?). This was gonna be great!

Well, it wasn\’t. At least it wasn\’t to me.

Maybe my brain is still fried from a JJ Abram\’s other time travel vehicle — Lost. But I just didn\’t get into this movie.

Everything was there. All the characters, lots of big action scenes.

And let me be clear, I\’m not one of those Trekkies that\’s offended by this movie, or sad there were no Klingons.

I just didn\’t think it was that great.

There were just all these little things that bothered me: [Spoilers Follow]

  • So, old Spock just happened to be right by where Kirk was abandoned. How convenient.
  • What did Future Romulans do for 25 years? How was the crew paid during those 25 years? What do I have to do to get a band of henchmen?
  • What was up with JJ\’s hand held camera that kept getting (intentional, I\’m sure) lens flare from all the bridge lights that were pointed at the camera?
  • Kirk goes from a cadet on Academic Probation to Captain of Starfleet\’s shiniest, newest Starship? Really?
  • What the hell happened to Winona Ryder??

So, to sum up:

  • 0 breasts
  • numerous beasts
  • Romulan-Fu
  • Giant Ice Creature – Fu

Academy Award nomination for Michael Giacchino for his amazing score for both this movie and Lost. While watching a particularly emotional scene I couldn\’t help be be impressed with his ability to wring out every drop of emotion with his music. I wonder if Lost would be half as popular with an average musician.


King Wally says check it out.


  1. I enjoyed it. I am glad you posted at least one thing before you leave on your walkabout two electric boogaloo (sp?). Will you be posting from walkabout?

  2. Yes. I will be blogging much more in Europe. Sorry for the lull before the storm.Oh, and this will be the Walkabout III: This Time It\’s European.

  3. I am sure the general blog following populous would be into pics of random hot European cuties…and an even better would be if you can get in the shot with them.

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