Walkabout 2009: Day 5

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Well, they can\’t all be great days.

The intent today was to head into Cannes on the last day of the film festival and soak in the city.

Well, there\’s just not that much to Cannes. Yes it\’s pretty. But there wasn\’t much to do unless we wanted to spend a lot of money.

So with some extra time on our hands, we headed over to Nice. Admittedly, we went to Nice without much of a plan. And with the last train going back to Antibes about an hour after we got there. Thus all we did was walk around a little bit around the town near the main train station.

We then got back to Antibes and had dinner at the same restaurant as the night before only this time I had the Mussels. Disappointingly they were not as good as the scallops. But It was still overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. So that\’s cool, huh?

For dessert we had a crème brulee and threw a Frisbee not quite on the beach since there wasn\’t a beach there.

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