I Thought He Was Smarter Than This

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I\’m sure he knows what he\’s doing and make a fortune from this.

Andy Beal is Donald Trump\’s Benefactor

Andy Beal\’s the Dallas banker most (in)famous for having single-handedly taken on the bestest of poker\’s best — a so-called syndicate that included the likes of Chip Reese, Howard Lederer, Doyle Brunson and Jennifer Harmon — back in 2001 in the Bellagio\’s high-stakes poker room. The subtitle of Michael Craig\’s riveting 2005 account of that kajillion-dollar showdown described it thusly: The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time. But in 2006, Beal\’s love for the game got a kick in the pants courtesy one Phil Ivey, who, after a mere three days, wound up lifting from Beal\’s wallet, oh, $16 million, give or take.
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