Doucher of the Day

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I made the mistake of leaving the nurturing biosphere of The Wallagio to venture out for much needed supplies. In so doing, I, mostly tangentially, had to interact with an assortment of the the most wretched hive of scum and villainy that ultimately is the Dallas experience. So, here are today\’s contestants for:

Doucher of the Day

  1. The asshat blazing down the aisle at Home Depot and nearly hits me and then make a wide turn so that I can\’t pass him on the left.
  2. The pottbellied gentleman wanting to cross Park Lane near the Bed, Bath & Beyond wearing a brand new black New York Mets uniform in 90+ heat and humidity.
  3. The moroon in the Lexus SUV on Greenville who decides that he needs to turn left. So he gets to the far right of the lane and narrowly avoids hitting the motorcyclist who assumed he was turning right.
  4. As always, the bald dude with hipster glasses passing judgement on all he observes.

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