Last Week\’s Storms Continue to Take Their Toll

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I\’m sitting at home, mostly minding my own business, when I hear some rustling outside my front door. I assume it\’s the UPS guys dropping off a package. Although, for the life of me I couldn\’t remember ordering anything.

Ususally when the UPS guy drops something off, I hear some rustling, he rings the bell and knocks a few times and then drives off.

But this time no ring, no knock — just rustling.

So I opened my front door to see what my early onset alzheimers has cased me to treat this unknown package like Christmas day, when I see this:

Not to worry. The tree trunk is not about to crush my neighbor.

Her reaction to this the fallen tree pretty much says it all, \”What the fuck!?!?!\”

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  1. This is God's way of saying, \”time to move to the 'dorf\”delinnic — Items, usually, words, that have been freed from societal constraints of horizontal and vertical linearity.

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