Corn Conspiracy

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I had mentioned in my recent review of Killer At Large that I believed that Big Corn was destroying (admitted hyperbole) America. Here\’s a good article that helps support my hyperbolic hypothesis.

First, the primary job of the Environmental Protection Agency is, dare it be said, to protect our environment. Yet using ethanol actually creates more smog than using regular gas, and the EPA\’s own attorneys had to admit that fact in front of the justices presiding over the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in 1995 (API v. EPA).

Second, truly independent studies on ethanol, such as those written by Tad Patzek of Berkeley and David Pimentel of Cornell, show that ethanol is a net energy loser. Other studies suggest there is a small net energy gain from it.

The Great Ethanol Scam

Fourth, forget what biofuels have done to the price of foodstuffs worldwide over the past three years; the science seems to suggest that using ethanol increases global warming emissions over the use of straight gasoline

Third, all fuels laced with ethanol reduce the vehicle\’s fuel efficiency, and the E85 blend drops gas mileage between 30% and 40%,

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  1. Where the F are the posts you resolved to post in your post within the January 3rd post? Hop to it, post-haste!

  2. Don't forget to mention that when we shift our corn to ethanol production, we reduce the world's food supply. See riots in Third World country last year.Not green. Not friendly.

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