Live blogging The Peach Pedal

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Now that I am an annoying iPhone owner, I can share even more of my miserable existance.

6:55. Walking to packet pickup and the sweet smell of Coppertone fills the air. Which rinds me that I took my ultimate bag out of my car that contains my sun block. Hopefullly my French Riviera suntan will protect me.

7:01. Good Christ it took a long time to pound out that first post!

8:52 Only 44 miles to go. Feel strong. Attacking hills well. Meecifully rest stop is at the top of our biggest hill so far.

9:41. Tiring at the halfway mark. My early attacks are taking their toll.

10:32. It\’s hot 21 miles to go. Help me jebus!!!

11:32. Starting to cramp on the hills. But only 12 miles left

12:38. DONE!!!

— Post From My iPhone

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  1. Nice work! Were your pedals actually made of peaches?bustop – acceptable Windows Vista speallinge of \”bus stop\”

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