Live Blogging Muse/U2 Concert

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Pre-Game : I just saw that Muse is opening for U2 for only a small portion of this tour. The poor suckers in OKC will have to sit through the wretched Black Eyed Peas.

6:58 – it\’s big

7:05. First disappointment. Jalapeño chips were not made of jalapenos

7:06. Beer burger chips. $24. Take that bin Laden!!

7:18. Finally seated

7:25. Green chile Kobe burger C+. BBQ Kobe burger B+.

7:26. Lidia tries to negotiate the giant Kobe Burger.

7:30. Muse takes the stage

8:15. Muse is off. Hopefully they save the better speakers for U2. The sound was very muddle. And a little disappointment there was no Knights of Cydonia since that\’s my official song of the Star\’s 2008 playoff run.

8:30. Oh dear. Whooing drunken cougars right behind us. To me while shoving her ticket in my face \”Are we in the right seats. Why am I asking you? Men don\’t know directions. \”

8:35. Everyone here has an iPhone and are simultaneously uploading pictures of the stage. So \”live\” blogging may not be so live from here out.

9:05. U2 goes on

9:10 Bono twirls around arms akimbo absorbing the adulation of the sycophantic crowd

9:30 Oh no. Bono looks like he\’s in pain. Wait. Nevermind.

9:44. Energy gets sucked right out of the building as they spare us to death with something from the new album. Drunk dudes in front of us still love it.

10:04. Place is shaking to Vertigo

10:12. Bono dons a crumpled cowboy hat.

10:13. Bono removes crumpled cowboy hat. I guess there are things even too douchey for him.

11:00. It\’s over after two encores

Overall, great concert. I would probably been even better at a smaller venue or an outdoor arena. Even during songs I wasn\’t much interested in, the place was hopping and full of energy. I\’m not sure too many bands could pull of such an entertaining performance in the cavern that is Jerry\’s fully operation battle station.


King Wally suggests you go see them before they leave town.

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