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Observations and general snark.

It\’s good to see the million dollar bomb detector now being used as a utility closet. I get it. It\’s broken. But could we garner a little cofidence in the system by not putting an old ladder in it??

There is absolutely nothing Super about the Super-80.

I believe one of our stewerdesses (that\’s right I said stewardess) is the chick from that old Star Trek episodes where different colored subterranean brains bet 500 Quatloos on Captain Kirk. She later went on to do porn. Now she\’s a stewardess.

No wifi. 🙁

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  1. If you can swing it, the exit rows on an AA super-80 (21 and 22 maybe?) are beyond super, especially if you are on the left side with only 2 seats. Leg room abounds. Often, the person in the window seat can get out w/o anyone else having to stand up. Seriously. I think you have to be AA gold to reserve them though. I haven't been able to do it since I stopped flying all the time and lost my status…

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