Eating DC: Brickskeller

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When the concierge at our hotel proclaimed that Brickskeller had the Guinness record for largest beer selection I immediately yelled \”Done! Let\’s go there!\”

And that was the last time I was excited about this place.

Yes they have an impressively large beer menu spanning several pages in a very small font. But is it really that impressive when two out of the five beers I asked for they were out of? Also, they only had 12 taps; all of which seem to be on rotation and whoever chooses thought, \”Ya know, we can\’t have just one pumpkin ale on tap, we need six. Oh, and a framboise and some more fruity beers.\”

Thanks bin Laden.

They did claim to have Vertical Epics 2005-2008 on their menu, but I didn\’t have the heart to ask if they really had them. Plus, they were $30 a bottle.

And as much as I was disappointed in the alleged beer selection, even more disappointed was placed in front of me in the form of fish & chips. If I had wanted \”fish nuggets\” I would have asked for them.

But having slammed Brickskeller based mostly on my high expectations, it does seem like it would be a cool neighborhood hangout, provided they had a good beer selection on tap. And, also to be fair, they were going to have Dogfish Head Red & White on tap next week.

That would have been awesome.


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