Stuff I’m Thankful For

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It\’s Christmas without all the shopping and horrible music. So here\’s my quasi-snarky list of the things I\’m thankful of in no particular order:

  • That people don\’t get their panties in a bunch when you end a sentence in a preposition anymore. Otherwise there would be literally hundreds of comments complaining that I\’ve done it twice already. Oh, and that people don\’t complain about using \”literally\” when you exaggerate.
  • The Soup – it gives me the cultural knowledge of the goings-on of the horrible Kardashians and the Gosslins without having to sit through hours of dreadful television. It\’s homeopathic TV. It\’s greatly diluted, but still makes you just as sick as if you had taken the full dose.
  • My iPhone – most of the time whenever I get a new play-pretty, it is quickly tossed aside and largely forgotten. But there are very few waking or even sleeping hours that go by without some contact with my iPhone. And having spent a week outside of Dallas, I now appreciate how great it is live in the city in which AT&T is headquartered. The rest of the country has terrible service, but not here! – well usually.
  • White Rock Lake/Trail – I\’ve bike 2200 miles this year (so far) the vast majority of which was done here. It\’s a beautiful enclave within the blandness of Dallas. It truly is one of the few things Dallas does right. Sorry, I guess that was a serious one.
  • Facebook – it reminds me why I lost contact with so many people. Oh, and if you\’re reading this on Facebook, I don\’t mean you. I mean those other people.
  • Yeast – My favorite activities these days are brewing beer and baking bread. Neither of which you can do without the greatness of yeast. Fresh baked bread and brewing beer are some of the great smells of all time. And those wonderful little critters also bring us wine and scotch. Yeast, is there nothing you can\’t do???
  • The Internet – with Christmas shopping season kicking off the day after Thanksgiving, I am more thankful than ever that the internet exists. Why do people camp out at Best Buy at 5am Friday to get $20 off an Xbox? Is your time worth nothing??? Is your sanity worth nothing?? You can get anything you want on the internet and usually at a good price. And you don\’t have to spend an hour looking for a parking spot.
  • U Fleků – up until I went there I was thinking I never had to go back to Prague. Been there, done it. But this place was special. Plus it introduced me to the greatness of pig knuckle and Bercherovka.
  • The Ticket – My buddies on the radio that I\’ve never actually met. Well, except for running into Gordo a few times walking to or from brunch at Terrilli\’s. Without The Ticket I\’m not sure how I would get through the day. It (they?) are my constant companion at work and working out. Without them I would be left with only my own thoughts to occupy the dull parts of the day. What a horrifying prospect!!!
  • Blogging – it allows me to bellyache about everything around me. And since no one reads it, I can\’t offend anyone.

Happy Thanksgiving

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