Top 5 of the 2000s : Sporting Events [Attended]

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We are now in the last month of the last year of the 2000s. It\’s a time of reflection and nostalgia. Man, can you believe those whacky outfits we all wore back in 2004??? Those were good times.

So, as we begin to close the door on the last full decade on the Mayan calendar, it is the obligation of the self absorbed blogger (is that redundant?) to enumerate lists of the bests and worsts. Over the course of December, I will present a variety of lists for your enjoyment, amusement and, perhaps, tiny bits of jealousy and pity. These will often be Top 5 lists. But there may be a Top 10 list here or there.

I\’ll start out with a list that it is doubtful can be changed in any significant ways between now and Jan 2010. It is the top five sporting events I personally attended:

5. Dallas Stars @ Anaheim Ducks Nov 7, 2008 – This is the only non-playoff game in the list. In fact the Stars didn\’t even make the playoff this season. But they went into the Duck\’s barn and beat them 5-2 on Mark Parrish\’s hat trick. My one regret was that I had neglected to bring my Matvichuck sweater. Oh, and the $9 Blue Moons were happily consumed since they would later be a part of my expense report since I was in SoCal on bidness.

4. New Jersey Devils @ Dallas Stars Jun 5 2000 – Game 4 of the 2000 Stanley Cup Finals, this turned out to be the last time I would ever be in the recently demolished Reunion Arena. It slides under Game 3 since the Stars lost this one 3-1. One of only two championship games I\’ve ever attended.

3. New Jersey Devils @ Dallas Stars Jun 3 2000 – Game 3 of the 2000 Stanley Cup Finals, this turned out to be the penultimate time I would ever be in the recently demolished Reunion Arena. It squeaks ahead of Game 4 because I got to use the word penultimate in the description. One of only two championship games I\’ve ever attended.

2. San Jose Sharks @ Dallas Stars May 4 2008 – Game 6 of the 2008 NHL Western Conference Semi-finals didn\’t finish until six full periods had been played. It was at 9:03 into the 7th period that Brendon Morrow slammed a Stephane Robidas pass behind the great Evgeni Nobokov to cause an eruption at the ACC at 1:30am. Both Nobokov and Turco were dazzling with some of the greatest saves I\’ve ever witnessed.

1. Colorado Avalance @ Dallas Stars May 27 2000 – Game 7 of the 2000 NHL Western Conference Finals. There is nothing better than a game 7. And this one was something special. The Stars took a 3-0 lead going into the third period. Good times and high fives were being had all around Reunion. This one was in the bag. But the Avs quickly got it to within one goal at the 8:26 mark of the third. The tension in Reunion was palpable. And then, for a good 10 minutes, the play intensified with each team attacking and counter-attacking up and down the ice with no stoppages in play. Each second of play, Reunion grew louder and louder. Then, with Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy pulled for an extra attacker, the Avs get a puck behind Eddie Belfour that loudly clangs off the post and to the side. A few seconds later the horn sounds and the Stars go off to their second Stanley Cup Finals in a row.

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  1. I didn't have the quality, so I went for quantity with 10 events.fulterse – Short, clipped sentences, not to be confused with midterse.

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