Top 5 of the 2000s: Pub/Grub Crawls

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JT finally came up with a good idea. So I must copy it.

5. St. Patrick\’s Day Pub Crawl Hash Mar 17 2005 – Of course this has to make the list since it started with a woman showing me her chocolate kisses for free pizza. It also ended up at the then cool Lakewood Tavern. It was also my first pub crawl through my new neighborhood.

4. Lakewood Pub Crawl Hash July 12, 2001 – Besides The Tipperary Inn, this was my first introduction to this magical neighborhood that had all these great bars. It started and ended at The Tipp.

3. Jason\’s Bachelor Party Pub Crawl Sep 30 2007 – I might be biased here since, as Best Man, I organized this crawl. We started at Matt\’s Rancho Martinez and ended at The Pour House. It turned into a semi-grub crawl at the Cock & Bull when we saw the special Duck Three Ways on the menu board. It was delicious. This crawl is also notable due to my waking up in someone\’s front yard not knowing what US State I was in as I had recently gotten home from Walkabout 2007.

2. Calgary Stampede Pub Crawl Jul 6 2002 – There must have been 20 school busses full of Canadian revelers on this crawl. Somehow we got on a bus that was hosting a bachelor party as well. We got diverted to a strip club where we handful of Americans sat in horror as we saw grown men throwing Loonies at a naked woman. That\’s what they do up there. They throw coins at naked women in hopes of making them stick. Shouldn\’t we invade now??

1. Thanksgiving Friday Ft. Worth to Dallas Charity Grub Crawl Nov 25 2005 — This was one of the best ideas I ever had. At least I think this was my idea. We started at The Original in Ft. Worth and ended up eventually at The Old Monk. We also hit – Lucille\’s, Angelos, River Bottom Tavern, Piranha, a couple of other places in downtown Ft. Worth, and Mick\’s. We also went to Green Room on the following Sunday. All the money we spent on the crawl was matched and donated to the North Texas Food Bank.

Honorable Mention to JT\’s Holiday Pub Crawl 2007 just for getting kicked out of the Lakewood Landing and Matt\’s Birthday Grub Crawl 2006 for its invention of the Ass Pizza (fresh garlic, jalapenos, anchovies) at Louie\’s.

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  1. Glad I was there for part of one and the cause of an honorable mention. But you can bite me for knocking out a response so quickly.ingel – the guardians of the poor spellers of the world.

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