Top 5 of the 2000s: Drinks

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Usually when I go out, I will imbibe on the usual commercially available libations the establishment has to offer. Very occasionally a restaurant or bar will offer up something that is not offered anywhere else or in such a fabulous manner that it must be enumerated in an end-of-the-decade top five list.

5. Mole Porter @ Church Brew Works (Pittsburgh) – Home of the perogie pizza, Church Brew Works also offers up some innovative brews. Their Mole Porter starts out like any porter but finishes with a pow-pow that has you asking for more.

4. House Beer @ U Fleků (Prague) – The only list U Fleků won\’t appear in, might be Top 10 TV shows. But there\’s no promise of that. It\’s a standard schwarzbier but there\’s lots of it for a cheap price.

3. Hand Grenade @ Tropical Isle (New Orleans) – This is one of the most dangerous beverages in the world. One will fuck you up and two, well no one can remember what two will do. But it has something to do with being between a street and another street and waking up with a bottle of lube under your bed.

2. Renovation Rye Ale @ The Alchemist (Waterbury VT) – As I\’ve mentioned previously, before going to The Alchemist I was never enthusiastic about going to a brew-pub. And, on my first beer at The Alchemist, I was impressed, but not overwhelmed. Then I tried their Renovation Rye Ale. My socks instantly shot across the bar and through their plate glass window.

1. Bloody Mary @ Duke\’s Chowder House (Seattle) – \”Gee, Steve, a simple Bloody Marry makes your list??? And not just on the list but #1??? Are you fucking high??\” Take a look below — prawns and asparagus!!!

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