Top 5 of the 2000s: Miscellaneous Worsts

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So far all my lists have be largely positive. But over a ten year period, bad shit is going to happen. In order to keep the negativity to a minimum, I\’ve devoted only one list for the Worst of the 2000s. As it turned it, it\’s a surprising small list.

5. Worst Use of the US Patent System [US Patent 6519452] – Yeah, so I have a patent. And the fact that this thing got a patent shows the US Patent System is horribly broken with regards to software.

4. Worst Jello Shot [The Jello Shot That Cannot Be Spoken Of] – I\’m not at liberty to discuss this.

3. Worst Trip [Orlando 2000] – This was a business trip to a computer programmer\’s convention. Do I need to go on? Oh, and it was in fucking Orlando. Hot, muggy and Disney are not three things I want on any kind of trip.

2. Worst Meal [Village Inn, Flagstaff AZ] – Much chronicled in this posting. To paraphrase Patton Oswalt, it was a failure pile on a sadness plate.  [Sushi on McKinney]  Sorry, Matt.  How could I have forgotten the worst meal ever?

1. Worst Night [Feb 1, 2002] – The worst night of my life. Or, at least, the loneliest. That was the night of the 2nd Annual Birthday limo party. I had spent much of the week before organizing it. And then my gall bladder assploded. So on the night of the party, I was alone in the hospital. And all my friends were out having fun. Sniff. It\’s a good thing the rest of the year kicked ass.


  1. I would've checked up on you on #1, but a) wasn't invited to limo clique and b) didn't know. but, you know, i'm glad you survived.

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