Pix of 2004

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Ahh 2004 — the year I didn\’t take very many pictures. Seriously, I don\’t know what happened. I only have pictures taken in October of 2004. No pictures of the first birthday party in my new digs. No pix of the the party that resulted in Tree\’s tooth fragments. No winter league pictures. No New Jersey Pictures. No nuttin. Sorry, 2004 wasn\’t a very good year.

Since Facebook hates me anything on my blog that uses Flash, if you\’re looking at this on Facebook you will see nothing. Please go here and relive the phrase Swift Boat got into the vernacular.


  1. What the hell am I doing in a dress!? How drunk was I? Seriously, do you remember why I was wearing a dress?- Corey Garrow

  2. It was a Goodwill thing put on by Peacock at the Barley House. Everyone put on took off put on…. various clothes that were going to be donated to Goodwill.Yes you were drunk.

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