Top 10 of the 2000s: Shows

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10. The Ticket Timewasters @ Plano Convention Center [2008] – Yeah, I’m really grasping for shows.  But I had more than 5 so I had to fill the list out to 10.
9. Jimmy Buffet @ The Coca Cola Superpages Smirnov Ampitheater [2002]  — Somewhere there are pictures of me in a coconut bikini top.  I must persuade Jamie to destroy those photos if she still has them.
8. Muse/U2 @ The Death Star [2009] – It’s more of an indictment of my lack of show going in this decade that this even makes the list.  Although it is notable for being my one and only visit to Jerry World.  And Muse kicked ass even if they didn’t play Knights of Cydonia.  Hopefully I’ll get to see them when they’re back on St. Patrick’s Day 2010.
7. Mingo Fishtrap @ Jingle Bell Hell Party [2003] – The first time I ever saw these guys and the only good thing about that night besides seeing BIg Gulp as drunk as I’ve ever seen him.
6. Jerry Seinfeld @ Fair Park Music Hall [2004] – The second time I saw him.  He was gold, Jerry, gold!
5. Sorta @ Gezellig [2007] – I put this on the list since this was the last time I saw them before Carter was killed.  I probably had a Maredsous 10 or two that night to make it extra good.
4. Dave Attell @ The Addisson Improv [2004] – No one is better at diffusing a drunken heckler than Dave Attell and he did a great job of putting a drunk woman who thought she was the star in her place.  He must have been hilarious because I was practically pissing my pants laughing despite the pre-show meat coma inducing feast at Fogo de Chao.
3. & 2. Cirque du Soleil “O” @ The Bellagio [2003 & 2006] – So great, I saw it twice.  And it was fabulous (seriously, there’s no straight word for it) both times. It may have been a little better the second time since I knew what to expect.  Plus, I may have spent much of the first half-hour of the first time I saw it thinking “this is amazingly fabulous” and not really paying attention to the details.
1.  Van Morrison @ The Hollywood Bowl [2008] – As previously described here.  Or you can click here and buy the DVD and maybe catch a glimpse of me rocking out.  What?? You can\’t begrudge a guy trying to make a buck in these hard economic times, can you??

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