Hey Asshat: Holliday Two-For

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#1  Hey, dude.  I saw you pass up that perfectly good parking spot at the Goody-Goody on upper Greenville.  It is understandable that you might want to find a parking spot that is closer to the store.  But there’s really only about four rows of parking at the store.  And, yes, you passed one spot on the last row only to stop and contemplate your closer options.  And while you were contemplating you were blocking others from parking.  And then, when your brain had finally finished rebooting, you chose a spot that, while technically closer to the store, was equidistant to door from the spot you passed up originally. 

Oh, and by the way, I took that spot you passed up and was in the store way before you.  So what exactly did you do with all that time you saved by parking closer??


#2 Yes, sir, I understand that there are very few MIT graduates managing Party Citys.  And that you, personally, are not responsible for someone else not properly updating the computer so that the discount is added on the Buy-two-get-one-free gift bag offer.  But, let’s be honest.  There were ten bags at $0.99 each I was purchasing.  So I’m only going to save $3.  So, as you were “helping” another customer and my cashier was perplexed by the discount not being applied, I suggested that you only charge me for seven.  It made sense to me.  And it appeared to make sense to you.  But then you had to piss me off with this.  “Well, we have to account for everything you purchased in the computer.”  To which I suggest that you can do that when I’m gone and that I don’t need to stand around for fifteen minutes to save $3.  All of this went ignored and you finally keyed in my purchase.  And then I looked on in amazement as you keyed in first one bag at the regular price, then three bags at $0.49 and then six more bags at the regular price.  Really?  This is what I had to wait for?  Olga, my original cashier couldn’t do this?  It’s really simple.  My time is worth more than $3.  Except for me and the woman you were helping, there was no one else in the store.  You could have sent me on my way charging me for seven bags and adjusted it in the computer afterwards once the store was empty.  I would wish something awful for you for the time I’ll never get back.  But I would imagine that managing a Party City is punishment enough.

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