The Greatest Movie Review in the History of Cinema

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With Star Wars as the theme for Dallas Ultimate Winter League, I have resparked (is that a word?? well it is now) an interest in the films.  So when SpikeTV broadcast the series this week (in Episode order, by the way, not order of release.  Seriously Spike??) I felt compelled to watch at least some of it.
And I came out of this experience with a renewed fervor that George Lucas should be tried for crimes against humanity for his abortion that is quaintly referred to as the Prequels.
So it is with wild enthusiasm that I share with my readers this hilarious and insightful review of The Phantom Menace.

Be warned, this is part 1 of 7 (as you can probably see).  So be prepared to spend over an hour with this.  But it is worth it.
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Money Line : “I guess it was poetic cause I was vomiting in stanzas.”
And when you’re done watching that review, read this to learn how The Phantom Menace changed the course of history and got us to the predicament we’re in today.

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