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I’m sorry I couldn’t do this for the New Orleans game, that was one great game.  But Winter League got in the way.  Barring any potential Winter League or Van Morrison conflict, I do intend to blog all of the remaining Cowboy games.

Pregame:  Yeah NBC!  If Buck and Aikman aren’t doing a Cowboy game, Michaels and Collinsworth are the second best play-by-play/color duo. 

Pregame: Thumbs up on the Bob Costas interview of DeMarcus Ware cause I loves me some DeMarcus Ware.  I just wish I could find the Hard Knocks video of him doing “Head Shoulders Knees & Toes” with his baby girl.  It’s a touching to watch the soft side of a man that breaks quarterbacks for a living.

Pregame: Mmmmmmmmmm leftover Spanish Casserole.

Q1 15:00 Fuck this, The Wizard of Oz is on TNT.

Q1 15:00 Uh Oh.  Romo Shark sighting. Foobball Foobball Foobball Foobball Foobball Foobball Foobball

Q1 14:45 Anthony Spencer picks up from his terrific game last week with a 4 yrd loss.

Q1 14:10 And then no one covers Ganther in the middle for a first down.

Q1 13:10 Seriously, Ref, how do you miss that hold of Ratliff??

Q1 12:20 INT Terrance Newman!! 

Q1 12:07 WHY?  WHY? Even bother looking Roy Williams’ way??

Q1 11:15  Nice catch by Creighton to pick up the first down.

Q1 8:34 TD Roy Williams!!!!  Dude made a play! But Romo made an amazing throw and scrambled to keep the play alive.  It looked like maybe the play was supposed to go to Austin, who was double covered.

[Dal 7 Wash 0]

Q1 8:35 Hamlin bit on the play fake for the easy first down.

Q1 8:10 More great coverage by Jenkins.  Probably shouldn’t be Offensive Pass Interference.  But I’ll take it.

Q1 7:13 Hello Mr. Campbell, my name is Jay, Jay Ratliff.

Q1 6:56  I can understand Axe Men being on the Discovery Channel, but on the History Channel??   Seriously, what does luberjacking have to do with Hitler?

Q1 5:35  Well that was a disappointing three-and-out.  Creighton needs to make that catch.

Q1 5:20  Heroes is still on??

Q1 4:45 The Umpire should have been called for pass interference instead of Ware for holding.

Q1 2:31 Well, no wonder Spencer hurried the pass.  He was offsides.  Dangit, I was writing this as Collinsworth was saying it.

Q1 0:19 Great tackle by Brady James to prevent the first down and to begin the next half with a punt.

End Of First Quarter Dal 7  Wash 0

Q2 14:44 Sweet run by Felix Jones.  Loved the 360 pirouette.

Q2 12:24 Witten just short of a first down.  Hey, guys, lets not keep the Deadskins in this.  Let’s do to them what we did to their namesakes – steal their land and let them build giant casinos in return.  I’m not really sure how this metaphor will work football-wise.  Sometimes you go down a comedic hole and you just don’t know how to get out.

Q2 12:12 Great play by Moss cutting back for a big gain.  This is why you can’t keep these guys in this game.  Any NFL team is capable of a big play.  Oh, and that was Ware downfield for the tackle.  The guy is awesome.

Q2 10:29  Our first Barbie Carpenter sighting with pressure on Campbell for the incompletion.

Q2 8:55  WOW.  What a great catch and run by Witten.  Too bad he ran out of gas before he could score.

Q2 8:00 TD Marion Barber. 

[Dal 14  Wash 0]

Q2 7:50 Nice tackle by Hamlin.  I was afraid he was gonna break that dude.

Q2 6:39 Really Redskins??  3rd and 4, down by 14 and you try a draw.  I guess you have to try it, but did you think it would work?

Q2 6:05 Does any good beer advertise besides Guinness??

Q2 5:05 WOW.  Romo at his best.  Avoid a sack, scrambles and finds Austin for a first down.

Q2 4:22 What the fuck was that???  STOP WITH THE WILDCAT!!

Q2 3:28 INT Doughty.  That interception is on Roy.  The dude is a fucking pussy on any ball not thrown perfectly.  It was high, but it was in his hands.  Fucking Longhorn.

Q2 3:17 Not a fumble, but what is Campbell doing?  You’re defense just got you the ball back in fairly good field position and you almost give it right back.

Q2 2:00 They just don’t trust Campbell on third down.  Last series the ran a draw. This one they ran a short screen that the Dallas defense sniffed out early.

Q2 1:12 To take it to the next level, Austin needs to stop dropping passes like this one.  Still, at least he makes plays, right Roy??

Q2 0:38 Unfuckingbelievable.  Roy, catch the ball, then look.

Q2 0:00 Well that was a sloppy ending to a 2 minute drill.

End of First Half Dal 14  Wash 0

Q3 14:53 More Ogletree, please!  [Stolen from Ben Rogers’ Facebook status earlier in the week]

Q3 14:00 Austin is starting to light up.

Q3 12:15 Razorback again??  UGH!

Q3 10:50 Barber stuffed two plays in a row.  Seriously, guys.  Let’s not let them think they have a chance.  I know it’s hindsight, but would some play action and a short pass to Austin have worked?  They’re gonna load up for Barber.

Q3 7:07 Ouch!  Scandrick put a hurt on Campbell.  Sack?  They didn’t really rule whether his arm was moving forward.

Q3 6:35  I hate to say it about an Aggie, but Marty B needs to mix in a quality catch. 

Q3 4:45 Cowboys taking what the Redskins are giving.  Presnap, both safeties were way off the line.  Making it obvious to run and Jones picked up 8.

Q3 3:30 On Jerry Jones’ hardon for Wade Phillips:  “I want that feeling ratified by some success.”  Highlarryass!!

Q3 2:50 Washington D is playing only to stop the big play with safeties playing deep.  Makes sense on 3rd and 15, but 1st and10???

Q3 1:26  Sam Hurd gets thrown to for the only time this week.

Q3 0:50 Barber stuffed again on 4th down.  Again, easy to second guess.  But there was a lot of moving parts on that run.

Q3 0:43 TNew, make the fucking tackle.

End of Third Quarter [Dal 14  Wash 0]

Q4 15:00 OK, guys.  I’m not feeling real good about this.  I seem to remember a game a few years ago where the Cowboys had a comfortable 10 point lead.  Then Santana Moss ripped off a couple of long TD receptions and we were all crying in our pizza rolls.

Q4 14:57  Brady James has had a good game.  That’s all.  Just thought it need to be pointed out since he was there in coverage.

Q4 14:51 Shouldn’t Ware get credited with a sack since he caused the intentional grounding??  Not that Ware needs the stat boost.  But if you were a backup DLer and you had a chance for a sack and the fucking QB threw it away.  That sack stat sure would look good at contract negotiating time.

Q4 11:20 Now’s the time in the game when we run the ball down your fucking throat.

Q4 10:27 Bad news—someone just broke our Tashard.  The good news:  no more Wildcat!!!!

Q4 9:10 MB3 TIME!

Q4 8:40 Ugh.  3rd & 4th and 1 has been way too hard tonight.

Q4 7:44 FG DALLAS [Dal 17 – Wash 0] Suisham makes his first kick as a Cowboy.

Q4 6:36 Nice tackle by Barbie to Cartwright in bounds and keep the clock rolling.  See, I can say nice things about players I don’t like. 

Q4  6:04 Brooking has also had a good game.  He seemed to slump a bit recently.  But has come back strong the last two games.

Q4  5:48 Time Out Washington.  Huh??  Why drag this boring game out any longer than it has to be?  I know you’re trying to save precious seconds just in case Campbell can mount a comeback.  But, come on. 

Q4 5:42  Good TO, Redskins.  You held MB3 to only 12 yards.

Q4 5:02 Oh, good Christ, another time out?? You haven’t thrown the ball more than 15 yards all night.  How are you going to mount a comeback??

Q4 4:57 Mercifully, Washington’s final time out.

Q4 2:00 ‘skins, you know you need three scores, right?  You might want to pick up the pace.

Q4 1:32 Washington Redskins:  The Two Minute Drill of the Boring

Q4 0:50 Second sack for Ratliff. BEAST!

Q4 0:26 Wash turns on downs.  Thanks again for wasting my time with those time outs.

Q4 0:00 Dallas is in the Playoffs!

End of Game [Dallas 17 Washington 0]




  1. I hope you manage to keep up with these summaries. I will never have to waste my time watching a cowboy's game again!

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