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Pregame – Yay! Finally a game back on Fox with Troy and Joe!

Q1 15:00 – Fuck this.  There’s a The Bad Girls Club marathon on Oxygen.

Q1 15:00 – Cowboys win the toss – game over!!!

Q1 14:20 – MB3 has come to play.  32 yards on second down.  That’s got to be his longest run of the season.  Certainly in a long time.

Q1 13:34 – Leonard Davis brings us our first False Start of the game.  1st & 15.

Q1 12:39 – Ugh.  I always clench up when they go empty backfield. 

Q1 12:35 – Pass Interference.  First Down!!

Q1 12:28 – How do you not exploit an LB on Austin. If Philly is going to put a CB on Witten, you gotta make them pay somewhere else.  Look for that later.

Q1 12:21 – MB3!  MB3!!  Another first down!

Q1 11:15 – Felix Jones?? Really??  MB3 is already tired and needs a rest?

Q1 10:35 – TD Witten!! [Dal 7  Phil 0]

Q1 10:35 – Wow.  What a kickoff from Buehler.  He hasn’t been getting as many touchbacks the second half of the season. 

Q1 9:32 – Brady James with the sack and a nice defensive with the three-and-out.  The Eagles score a lot of point on opening drives and in the first quarter.  It’s good to see the defense give them nothing on their first drive.

Q1 9:32 – Question of the game:  Will I watch Human Target just because Six is on the show?

Q1 8:55 – Catch by TE Phillips.  Is Marty B dropping in the depth charts?

Q1 8:11 – Nice burst from Jones for the first down.

Q1 6:55 – Interesting play with Marty B going wide and Felix getting thrown short on the other side.  It was good for a first down.

Q1 6:20 – Marty B with our second False Start.

Q1 5:30 – It’s the Marty B show.  This time, he loses his helmet.

Q1 4:50 – WOW.  Great catch from Austin!  That was thrown hard by Romo to thwart the blitz.

Q1 2:00 – INT Hansen.  Creighton has got to make that catch.  Dallas cannot give up points like this.

Q1 0:40 – You can’t give McNabb that much time. 

End of the First Quarter [Dal 7  Phil 0]

Q2 15:00 Dallas looked great dominating the first quarter, but have only 7 points to show for it.  This is a powerful Eagles offense.  Dallas can’t give away points like that and hope to win.

Q2 14:13 – Phew!  McNabb missed Jackson for the easy score.

Q2 14:03 – Barbie looked lost giving up that third down conversion. 

Q2 12:52 – Jenkins makes his first great play of the day.  There will be more.

Q2 12:50 – Ha.  that netted nothing.

Q2 12:44 – Phew #2.  Maclin should have had that and maybe even scored.

Q2 12:44 – Geez.  What confusion on the Eagles punt team.  To someone go take a crap thinking the first down was made?

Q2 11:42 – Witten may make it to 100 catches today if the Eagles are going to keep giving him the underneath.

Q2 11:04 – False snap??

Q2 10:30 – Creighton makes up for his earlier non catch.  How was he so open??

Q2 8:28 –Joe Buck said it best.  “Austin fights for the ball.”  What a great catch for 40 yards.

Q2 7:50 – Oh, shit.  Someone broke the Ump.

Q2 6:18 – TD Creighton. [Dal 14  Phil 0].  The funny part of this play was that I too was faked out by Romo’s pump fake to Roy Williams.  I screamed “NO!!!!”.  Then the throw over the CB to Creighton and I yelled “YES!!!!”.  Good times.

Q2 6:05 – What the hell?  Lots of confusion presnap on the Dallas defense.  Call a fucking time out.

Q2 5:25 – Where can I get an MP3 of Fox’s injury timeout music?

Q2 5:02 – Yikes.  Long catch and run by Jackson.  Let’s not cut the lead in half.

Q2 4:39 – Fumble Recovery Ratlif – Bad snap.  Ratlif recovers.  Well that will keep them from scoring.

Q2 4:28 – Phillips again.  It’s real simple.  Phillips makes catches and Marty B looks lost.  Sorry to throw a fellow Ag under the bus.

Q2 3:05 – Creighton again with a great catch on a slant.

Q2 2:25 – It went Dallas’ way.  But if you’re going to call Roughing the Passer on that, then maybe the QBs should carry a box of tampons just to complete the outfit.  I’ve seen more contact at a Catholic School Dance [stolen from Norm].

Q2 1:09 – OMG.  Seriously Roy???  You have no fucking clue where the ball is going??  Put in Ogletree.

Q2 1:04 – FG Suisham [Dal 17  Phil 0]

Q2 0:47 – Jenkins makes a play even when he doesn’t make a play by getting a Personal Foul penalty on Philly.

Q2 0:25 – Eagles receivers aren’t giving McNabb any help.  Can RoyWiliamsitis be contagious?

Q2 0:14 – I believe that’s Barbie’s first tackle of the day as he forces Westbrook out of bounds.

Q2 0:03 – Hey, back to back Barbie tackles.  And this time he keeps Westbrook in bounds to run out the clock.

End of First Half [ Dallas 17 Philadelphia 0]

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Q3 14:50 – Oops.  Alan Ball goes in for an injured TNew

Q3 13:27 – Celik open again for a long gain.  How does that happen??

Q3 12:45 – Wow.  Nice play by Hamlin to bat away the pass.  Yes that was Offensive Pass Interference.

Q3 11:59 – Another dropped 3rd down pass.  It would have been a tough catch, but Celik has been McNabb’s only reliable receiver today.

Q3 11:54 – FG MISSED [Dal 17   Phil 0]

Q3 10:33 – A ticky tack penalty causes Dallas’ first punt of the day.

Q3 10:22 – Six Feet Under’s Alan Ball make a great tackle on the punt returner.  That’s right, I’m recycling jokes.  Another of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more Green and less Blue with my comedy.

Q3 9:13 – Another three-and-out by Philly and their receivers are getting banged up.

Q3 8:13 – Marty B with the drop.  What is it with big tall receivers from big Texas universities that look completely lost?

Q3 7:59 – Another 3-n-Out by Dallas.  Let’s not get complacent guys.

Q3 7:17 – I know the lines that Fox draws on the field aren’t official, but Anthony Spencer looked offsides on this play.

Q3 6:54 – Another Philly 3-n-Out.  All of a sudden this a defensive struggle.  And, yes, I’m taking suggestions on how to write 3-and-Out.  Anyone?

Q3 5:46 – TD Felix Jones [Dal 24 Phil 0]  Wow watta run!  That’s the Felix Jones we all remember and will need for an extended playoff run.  And that was Doug Free blocking downfield.  Nice!

Q3 5:18 – Sack by Spencer.  He’s one of the biggest reason for the great defense lately.  But I thought the Ref blew his whistle too early.  McNabb is strong enough to get out of those predicaments and should be allowed to.

Q3 2:30 – More Ogletree please!  In this one play, he was smarter than all of Roy Williams plays put together.  Does that even make sense??

Q3 1:19 – Witten for the long first down catch.  It’s getting to be ridiculous.

Q3 0:00 – Does no one think to cover the slow white dude with 95 catches??

End of Third Quarter [Dallas 24  Philadelphia 0]  Delicious!!!

Q4 14:02  –  Ouch.  That screen was sniffed out like eightball at a fashion show.

Q4 12:33 – FG Missed by Suisham.  Maybe it’s the goalposts at the Death Star.

Q4 11:55 – Nice sack by Hatcher without his helmet.

Q4 11:36 – WOW.  That’s about as good of coverage I’ve ever seen.  Mike Jenkins is a man among girls.  I gotta think that McNabb was already putting those 7 points on the board in his head.  Jackson was open and Jenkins closed strong to bat the ball away.  Just plain awesome.

Q4 11:30 – Please stop showing the Bud Light commercial where the redhead uses the air gun to secure a boutonniere.

Q4 10:40 – Who would have predicted that it would take three and a third quarters before Philly sacked Romo?  Nostradomus, that’s who.

Q4 8:47 – What is Romo still doing in??  Can’t Kitna handoff??

Q4 7:40 – And Austin shouldn’t be playing either.  Let’s see some Kitna to Hurd!

Q4 4:50 – Creighton.  Yeah.  I don’t have much left.  Just end this game.

Q4 2:05 – This is just crazy keeping these players in when this game is practically over and the playoffs start next weekend.

Q4  2:00 – Yes.  I’m losing interest.  But not my love of  After the game, how about you read a nice book.

Q4 1:37 – Jenkins defends the 4th down TD attempt and preserves the shutout.  The first ever back-to-back shutouts by the Cowboys.  Good times.

End of Game {Dallas 24  Philadelphia 0]

It’s playoff time.


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