Bad Santa 2009

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From the “Better Late Than Never Department”, today we present the pictures from our almost annual Bad Santa charity drive.  This year Bad Santa and his naughty helpers raised $200 for the North Texas Food Bank.  Who knew being bad could be so good?

And thanks to Meesh digging through the Bad Santa archives up near the north pole – well, Seattle – we now have these pictures from the very first Christmas*.


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* in which drunken ultimate players dressed up as Santa and his naughty elves.


  1. I like the 2005 because I actually know people in them. Like me.But I have lots of respect for you to start a charity tradition that involves you acting like a jerk yet women also sit in your lap. On second thought, are you shouldn't call it \”being Ted Kennedy\”?

  2. out of respect for the late Senator, maybe we should call it \”Being Diamond Joe Quimby\”

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