This Week in Steve: 2010 Week 2

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I guess it’s not a good omen that I bring back a long forgotten weekly milestone and I can’t even get it out in a prompt and timely manner the second week.  Well I do have a bit of an excuse.  Work has been taking up an unusually large portion of my waking hours the passed two weeks.  So there has been little time for blogging.  Which explains the plethora of YouTube clips I’ve been posting.

I’ll have more on the work I’ve been doing and why I need to rant about it next week (which will probably be written tomorrow).  It\’ will not be a rant about the work itself, but about how it’s been so hard to find a job recently because I didn’t have this one skill that I now possess.


This Week’s Highlights

  • The week long after glow of a Cowboys victory.
  • My first bike ride of the 2010 – once around the lake.  Good Christ I’m out of shape
  • Another beautiful winter league Saturday that ended in a victory.


Key Stats

  • 2 – The number of points I scored at winter league this week.
  • 60 – The age of the guy I scored my first point on. 
  • 13 – The number of miles of my first bike ride.


  1. Sorry Pot. I'm not the blog machine you are. As stated, work had gotten in the way of blogging. I do have four half written entries. I just need to finish them.I'm considering live blogging a movie series as you did with The Lord of the Wings. Any suggestions? I'm thinking either Saw or The Devil in Miss Jones.

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