Bogus List Alert: Travel Channel’s 101 Chowdown Countdown

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I have hungrily stared at my ginormous television as The Travel Channel has counted down their 101 venues to “chowdow”.  A sat patiently on my drool stained couch through nearly five hours of as nearly endless parade of deliciousness marched through my living room. 

What could possibly be #1??  Pramanti Bros. was #3.  Wow, so it must be great if Pramanti’s is just #3. 

And the notable Texas locations in the top 20 were Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, home of the 72oz steak challenge at #16, Lulu’s in San Antonio home of the gargantuan cinnamon roll at #9 and The Salt Lick in Austin, home of tons of great BBQ at #6.  Ok, you can pretty much chow down to some good eats at those place.

And what came in at #1 to earn my ire??

Louis Lunch in New Haven Conneticut.


To get my take on Louis Lunch, you can read my review of it on Walkabout 2008 here.

First, the hamburger is not that great.  Twitsted Root and Snuffers throw away better burgers every day.  Secondly, the burgers are fairly small compared to most of the burgers on this list.  They fit completely on their two pieces of white bread with their accompanying onion and tomato slices.

But mostly this is just not a place to “chow down”.  The restaurant is tiny, the menu is limited and the burgers are small compared to modern day plus-sized burgers and the resulting plus-sized Americans. What’s to chow down?   It’s essentially just a shrine to how burgers were made 100 years ago.  Great, I’m happy for you that you haven’t replaced the grills since Windrow Wilson had a stroke. 

Now somebody go get me a triple stacked double pound bacon burger with habanero pesto.

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